The Home That Love Decorated

i remember when my father painted our own house, he chose to paint the living room B&W and the kids’ room pink and white. it’s a beautiful home. recently I began to dream about how to work with my future mate to decorate our own house :*) it’s fun right?

always win on claw machines

Drum Practice Pad with a Pair of Drumsticks

My older sister got these stuffed animals from an crane machine at night market. She and her colleague know how to always win on claw machines, so it only cost them US$0.5 per toy. You know how amazing they are.

Is it safe to hide under a desk during an earthquake?

Go Go Power Rangers

It’s a pair of skilled hands with some wrinkles.

My farther taught me how to use his extension tubes and close-up lens. I know he doesn’t like me to waste money; however, he is the one who loved photography, and I’m his little girl, so he wasn’t surprised to learn that I got my D90.
I know he love me.
He gave me some of his Nikon stuff. The old things are always with hand-made leather cases. Maybe these things are older than me. I’m not quite sure.