It’s a pair of skilled hands with some wrinkles.

My farther taught me how to use his extension tubes and close-up lens. I know he doesn’t like me to waste money; however, he is the one who loved photography, and I’m his little girl, so he wasn’t surprised to learn that I got my D90.
I know he love me.
He gave me some of his Nikon stuff. The old things are always with hand-made leather cases. Maybe these things are older than me. I’m not quite sure.

my affection

I know there is no Mr. right in perfection.
I am not qualified to be a Miss right as well;
however, I just desire one to 
be patient with me,
have identification with
me, and 
treat me tenderly

It seems easy but there is no such person,
so I just have to keep going alone.

LOMO Diana F+
Fuji Provia 100F 120

A Stranger

You know nothing about me, but you know
I love the song but not the singer.
I know nothing about love; instead,
I know affection, even for a stranger.